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Bank of Boston Beauty Queen

"I don't hate you because you're beautiful. I hate you because you're an anorexic, illiterate, narcissistic, drugged up WHORE who makes girls like my sister feel like they need to either fit into your little, fucked up ideal of what beauty is or die trying."
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20.5.07 19:14

You can drive,
you can drive,
you can drive...
down the 405
to the 101, to my house.
And these highways are in so many songs
I couldn't count them all, I tried.
So much sad history described in a ride
and when I told you I was happy... I lied.
I lied.
I lied.
I lied.


1.5.07 16:38

"You just carry your heart on your tongue, and I'll carry mine a safety case right by my side.

29.4.07 15:58

01 .:. Ein Song.. aus deiner frühesten Kindheit
Christophe - "Aline"

"Et j'ai crié, crié...!"

02 .:. Ein Song.. den du mit deiner (ersten) großen Liebe assoziierst.
Eve 6 - "Think Twice"
"She spreads her love, she burns me up... I can't let go, I can't get out."


03 .:. Ein Song.. der dich an einen Urlaub erinnert.
Weezer - "Island in the sun"

"Hip, hip... Hip, hip."


04 .:. Ein Song, bei dem dir die Tränen kamen
Terra Naomi - "Flesh for bones"
"And baby I would be with you if I could, to trade my flesh for your bones,
I would. I would. I would. I would. I would..."


05 .:. Ein Song.. der dich - geplagt von Liebeskummer - begleitet hat.
Radiohead - "Creep"
"I wish I was special... you're so fucking special."


06 .:. Ein Song.. den du in deinem Leben vermutlich am häufigsten gehört hast oder immer wieder hören "musst".
The Dresden Dolls - "Backstabber"
"Backstabber, hopegrabber, greedy little fit-haver..."


07 .:. Ein Song.. der dein liebstes Instrumental ist.
Sia - "Breathe me"
"Be my friend, hold me. Wrap me up, unfold me."


08 .:. Ein Song.. der eine deiner liebsten Bands repräsentiert.
The Dresden Dolls - "Sing"
"Life is no Cabaret?! We don't care what you say."


09 .:. Ein Song.. in dem du dich selbst wiederfindest oder in dem du dich auf eine gewisse Art und Weise verstanden fühlst.
The Dresden Dolls - "Bad habit"
"When I open a familiar scar pain goes shooting like a star..."


10 .:. Ein Song.. der dich an eine spezielle Begebenheit/ein Erlebnis erinnert.
Nat King Cole - "Smile"
"Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it's breaking..."


11 .:. Ein Song.. bei dem du am besten entspannen kannst.
Bright Eyes - "Lua"
"I got a flask inside my pocket, we can share it on the train...
and if you promise to stay conscious, I will try and do the same."


12 .:. Ein Song.. der für eine richtig gute Zeit in deinem Leben steht.
Texas - "Inner smile"
"You make me feel wild... you touch my inner smile."


13 .:. Ein Song.. der momentan dein Lieblingssong ist.
Joni Mitchell - "Blue"
"Crown and anchor me, or let me sail away..."


14 .:. Ein Song.. den du deinem besten Freund widmen würdest.
Billy Talent - "Surrender"
"All the pain we've endured until now... all the hope that I lost you've found."


15 .:. Ein Song, bei dem du alles um dich vergisst.
Babyshambles - "Fuck Forever"
"Fuck forever... if you don't mind. 'Cause I'm stuck forever...
stuck in your mind. Your mind. Your mind."


16 .:. Ein Song.. den du vor allem aufgrund seiner Lyrics magst.
Amanda Palmer - "Blake says"
"It's still cold in Alaska..."


17 .:. Ein Song.. der weder deutsch- noch englischsprachig ist und dir sehr gefällt.
Eros Ramazotti - "Laura non ce"
Se vuoi ci amiamo adesso, se vuoi..."


18 .:. Ein Song.. bei dem du dich bestens abreagieren kannst.
The Libertines - "Can't stand me now"
"Cornered the boy kicked out at the world... the world kicked back,
a lot fucking harder now."


19 .:. Ein Song.. der auf deiner Beerdigung gespielt werden sollte.
Johnny Cash - "Hurt"
"What have I become, my sweetest friend..."


20 .:. Ein Song.. den du zu den besten aller Zeiten rechnen würdest.
Starsailor - "Alcoholic"
"I was looking for another you."

23.4.07 21:28

Deeper. Frequent. Obvious. They’re oblivious.
If you’re bleeding, you’re not dead. You’re not important.

When you take your own life, you’re a sinner, damned.

No fault of the parents who didn’t notice,
or the teachers who didn’t report,
or the friends who didn’t tell.


No fault of the people who didn’t care enough.


It’s the fault of the child, who sees the shadows and dreams of the blood.

The man who tried shallow simplicity, and felt no one notice.

The woman who was told she didn’t matter by a father who never loved, and believed every word.

The husband, who starts looking for a new girlfriend
because he never noticed the marks on his wife of seven years.

The brother who stands silent, rejoicing for the room space.

The sister who thinks of inheritance as her own without competition.

The mother, who watches her child lowered into the ground cries
not over a dead body, but a ruined kitchen knife.

15.1.07 14:09

Und vielleicht ist es ein Gesetz, das es in deinem Leben gibt,
dass man für jeden Tag im Himmel einen in der Hölle kriegt.

14.1.07 21:21

Well, it's been decades...

...since my pit days,
but I haven't shaken it,
I sit there like an idiot.

And I still wait for the bus to come
where the highschool got torn down.
Still expecting to find true love
among the skateboarders hanging out
in back of the bank in my hometown.

No, I'm ten.
I'm seventeen.
And a Bank of Boston Beauty Queen

28.12.06 22:13

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